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After dealing with lower back pain for many years, I finally came to the office and after just two treatments I began to feel better.


My hip bones were sore and I had trouble walking. I had sinus problems, hot flashes, headaches and hormonal changes. I was tired all the time and felt like I was falling apart. I just dealt with the constant pain and hormonal changes by not putting myself in situations that would upset me. My symptoms began to reduce within 24 hours of my first adjustment. Now, I don’t have headaches every day anymore, not do I have constant sinus infections. My bones do not ache every day anymore and I have more renewed energy at 46 than I did at 42.

Regina M.

I had severe low back pain for over two years. I tried orthopedics which led to Spine Center visits with minimal results. However, after only three weeks at the Chiropractic Nutrition Center my symptoms started to reduce. I appreciate the upfront diagnosis and the plan which was explained to me in detail. I received excellent adjustments and feel Dr. Baric has a genuine desire to help heal.


I had lower back pain that started years ago. I tried massage, Advil, stretching, and simply not exercising anymore. After two weeks, my symptoms started to reduce. The adjustments paired with massage has greatly helped my back pain, but I don’t come just for my back. Dr. Justin treats all of me and my health concerns, and I feel great after each visit.