Auto Accidents and Whiplash

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Injuries in auto accidents are often overlooked. Many people will have long-term problems even if they do not have short-term symptoms.

It is always advised to at least get checked out by a chiropractor to make sure that you do not have symptoms that can come up in the future, long after it is too late to have services and treatment covered.

For example, did you know a force of impact travels through your body when two cars collide?

Ligament damage can occur even at very slow speeds and can cause bones to shift around. When this happens, your muscles lock down your joints and cause some joints to move too little, and some too much. If left untreated, this leads to early arthritis, rapid degeneration, and potentially spine surgery.”

However, a comprehensive chiropractic exam will pinpoint those areas which have not yet manifested symptoms as a result of your accident, and we can begin to treat those areas affected by the collision.

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