General Wellness Care

When you are feeling good, you may think an adjustment will be useless or not helpful. Getting a periodic adjustment can help you stay away from future symptoms. Pain is often the last symptom to show up, and is usually preceded by loss of range of motion, muscle tightness, postural mal-positions that you may not notice because they come on so slowly. Chiropractors are skilled at finding areas that you didn’t even realize were tight. We restore motion to the areas lacking it. This allows your central nervous system to communicate with the rest of your body with ease which leads to less pain, sleeping better, and moving better. The traditional model of medical treatment focuses on symptom-based management, however is transitioning to a new model. Preventative care through complementary medicine allows the proactive treatment of our bodies prior to the onset of symptoms. There are a number of conditions chiropractors can help with, some of which you may not know. Whether it is tingling in the hands or a clicking ankle, or being cold/tired all the time. When in doubt, just ask.