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  • 7 slimming Superfoods: #1: Avocado #2: Wild-Caught Alaskan Salmon #3: Sunflower Sprouts #4: Broccoli and Broccoli Sprouts #5: Organic Pastured Eggs #6: Raw Nuts #7: Green Tea

    A key principle for successful weight management is to teach your body to burn fat instead of sugar and to do that, you need to eat foods high in healthy fats.

    May 23

  • The office will be closed on Monday, May 25th for Memorial Day. We hope everyone has a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!

    May 21

  • Chiropractic physicians treat troops' aches and pains through the use of rehabilitative and corrective adjustments, as well as provide prevention therapy. TRICARE's Chiropractic Health Care Program covers chiropractic for active duty service members and activated Guard and Reserve members at designated military hospitals and clinics. http://www.defense.gov/news/newsarticle.aspx?id=128533

    SILVERDALE, Wash., April 6, 2015 – Aches and pains, whether from age or accident, have a tendency to be a byproduct for many sailors and Marines in their duties. To help ease the hurt, active-duty personnel have the option of seeking help from a chiropractor.

    May 20

  • A key principle for successful weight management is to teach your body to burn fat instead of sugar and to do that, you need to eat foods high in healthy fats.

    May 19

  • Have a crisp and green salad for dinner tonight. Here's a recipe from Dr. Mercola: http://bit.ly/1ARzXeL

    Check out Dr. Mercola’s super green salad recipe, supercharged with nature’s most nutritious superfoods.

    May 18

  • Pull your weeds, not your back when gardening! Check out ACA's tips on how to make gardening as enjoyable as possible and to help alleviate muscle pain after a day spent in your garden. http://www.chirohealthy.com/

    The American Chiropractic Association and doctors of chiropractic across the country highlight ways you can feel your best every day, regardless of your age, occupation or fitness level.

    May 16

  • Pepsi Co. is replacing the aspartame in Diet Pepsi with Splenda in an effort to win back customers who've become wary of aspartame's health effects.

    May 16

  • Historically, chiropractic doctors receive more nutritional instruction compared to medical doctors. "Even on its own, proper nutrition can transform lives. When coupled into a holistic approach with fitness, ergonomics and health education, chiropractic physicians can lead you to truly transformational experiences," says Bryan Muth, DC, a leader of corporate wellness at Standard Process in Palmyra, Wis. http://bit.ly/1bKdnxY

    Guest Blog Post BY Bryan Muth, D.C. Personal health performance decisions are best made with facts. Fact: We often look to medical doctors as the default when we get sick. Fact: As consumers of healthcare, we infrequently seek preventative steps to keep us healthy. Fact: Wellness is evolving into an…

    May 15

  • Results of a research project from Indiana University, University of Iowa and University of Washington suggest that metabolites of hormones used in cattle implants could persist in the environment longer than previously believed, creating a potential environmental risk.

    May 14

  • An epidemiologist had his son eat McDonald's for ten days and tracked the changes in his gut microbes — the results weren't pretty.

    May 14

  • A new article in Fitness Magazine lists ten ways to beat back pain. These include sipping tumeric tea, trying yoga, walking, and reducing alcohol intake. Read more: http://bit.ly/1bQnS3R

    Meds aren't the only way to relieve back pain. Here are some easy at-home remedies.

    May 13

  • Most of us will admit we have bad posture. We also think about correcting that poor posture at least a couple of times throughout the day. Check out these tips on re-training your mind and body to be posture-focused all day long: http://ow.ly/MFl3x

    Most of us will admit we have bad posture. We also think about correcting that [...]

    May 11

  • Save when you buy $50 worth of vitamins and/or products.

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    May 11

  • IOM posits that a vitamin D serum level of 20 ng/ml is adequate, but researchers believe that this may be too low.

    May 10

  • Patients with untreated sleep apnea were diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment more than a decade earlier than those who slept well or without sleep apnea.

    May 07

  • "Do you eat processed meats like hamburgers, thinking you're eating mostly real beef? Chances are you're way off in your assumption. One type of meat process involves soaking butchered carcasses in hot water with added enzymes ... There are at least 150 enzymes being used in food manufacturing, and they're rarely ever listed on the label."

    May 06

  • Unlocking your Child's Fullest Potential A Free Seminar for parents and professionals who want to learn more about the NeuroDevelopmental Approach and how it can help all children and students. Hope and A Future - Linda Kane haaf@hope-future.org Monday June 22nd 6:30-9:00pm Trinity Community Church 1650 Old Apex Road, Cary NC 27513

    May 05

  • Treat your mother to a complimentary spinal and nerve analysis that includes an initial exam and Dr. recommended x-rays. Call 919-461-0046 to schedule your appointment today. *Not valid for existing patients or work-related / liability cases. Offer valid for new patient appointments scheduled during the month of May.

    May 01

  • Chiropractic Care is for more than back pain. Powered by ChiroHosting

    May 01

  • A small dose of aspirin taken regularly can help prevent a second heart attack or stroke. But too many healthy people are taking the drug for prevention. And for them, the risks may outweigh benefits.

    April 30

  • Excess fluoride consumption is leading to tiny white marks on many people's teeth. It's mainly a cosmetic problem, but one that could be solved by lowering the fluoride in drinking water.

    April 28

  • CPR a great skill to learn at any age. :)

    Babies learn from you every second - both good and bad things. This little one picked up on how to do CPR! #lol #adorable LIKE ----->>> DeLorean For more videos.

    April 28

  • Come in and take advantage of our April special before it ends this week! $10 off 2 bottles of Clearvite! Call us to schedule your next visit (919) 461-0046.

    April 27

  • Call 919-461-0046 today schedule your next visit!

    April 27

  • Recent research found that poor or insufficient sleep was the strongest predictor for widespread pain in adults over 50

    April 26


Scoliosis I have scoliosis and my symptoms began many years ago.  I had occasional pain in different areas.  Dr. Baric worked on my subluxations and my pains and aches started to reduce after only one or two visits!  Since then, I have been a patient of Dr. Baric’s for 14 years.  He has kept me virtually pain-free.   Kim M.

Headaches I have had headaches for over 20 years.  I’ve tried getting rid of them with things like massage, ice, heat, and trying to ignore them.  I saw an ad in my church bulletin and I came in to see Dr. Baric who worked on my subluxations which were causing my headaches and with in one week my headache symptoms were virtually gone.  I’ve been so pleased, I refered in my friends and family.  Carol. My name is Kristen and I have suffered constant headaches and neck pain.  My symptoms began four months ago and I’ve tried pain relievers, icing, icy hot and creams.  My mother told me about Dr. Baric and so I went to see him.  Dr Baric located the cause of my headaches and neck pain and within two weeks he helped me to eliminate the headache and neck pain.  Since my treatement at Chiropractic Nutrition Center, I have refered in three of my friends.  Kristen.

Migraines Meet Erin who suffered years of migraine headaches starting as a child.  Her mother tried conventional medicine, but Erin still suffered greatly from the frequency and pain of her migraines, till one day she discovered Chiropractic care.  She has is now living a life free of the migraine pain and on her way to helping others through Chiropractic care to experience the same relief.  Erin’s story

Lower Back Pain I had lower back and hip pain and tightness dut to heavy lifting.  I had these symptoms for three to four weeks.  I tried to work the pain and tightness out with additional stretching exercises, then I realized I needed to obtain chiropractic help to get me back.  My friends Debbie and Ed suggested I visit Dr. Baric and with in four to five visits I am doing great and am doing new neck exercises.  I’ve recomended Dr. Baric to my neighbor who is also in need of chiropractic care. Larry R.

Check out this 5 star review by Brenda Steele Hawkins posted on Facebook: "I appreciate and value Dr. Baric's holistic approach to chiropractic treatment. He has done wonders for the neck pain that brought me to his office over a year ago. I'm committed to my monthly spinal adjustments...it does my body good. The whole staff is great...and friendly!! I like getting in and out quickly during my 7:15 AM appointments."
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